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Bridges for Peace

Bridges for Peace, Christians Called by God to Support Israel and Build Relations between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world.

Our team members from the nations are part of the true Church of God. We love Jesus (Yeshua), the Bible, worship and righteousness. We are called to Israel, and God has given us a measure of His own, deep love for the Jewish people. We have a team of 70 such people on the ground in Israel, while many more serve around the world.

As Gentile believers, God has called us to unconditional love, to heal the wounds of the past centuries. Our deeds of love are a surprise to many Jewish people. Food is given to 22,000 people each month, and they know it is coming from Christians. Our lives are a constant expression of the character of true Christianity—a character of love, not persecution. We are feeding the needy as God told us to in Matthew 25:34-46; we are repairing homes as seen in Isaiah 58:12, and we are helping the Jewish people to come home from their dispersion as prophesied in Isaiah 49:22. And we promise that all those who receive assistance know that we are helping them because we are followers of Jesus.

Bridges for Peace is Called by God to Build TRUST

Over the 50 years since our founder, Dr. G. Douglas Young arrived in Jerusalem, we have earned the respect and trust of the people of Israel. We are able to speak to them as trusted friends about the issues we each feel deeply about, including the Bible and our faith. We are respected by financial oversight organizations that unfailingly give us an excellent report. We will never swerve from the truth of the Word of God. We will always stand for righteousness, even when it’s painful or difficult. In the past our godly board has faced difficult situations and has always taken a biblical, moral choice for righteousness. Our aim is to live holy and godly lives as representatives of God, serving the nation of Israel.

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