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Responses to President Trump’s Announcement

Prime Minister Netanyahu commented, “It’s so rare to be able to speak of new and genuine milestones in the glorious history of this city, yet today’s pronouncement by President Trump is such an occasion… President Trump, the Jewish people and the Jewish state will be forever grateful.“ Click here to watch the video clip.

Israelis projected beautiful images of the US and Israeli flag onto the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Many in the Jewish community reacted with spontaneous celebrations.

Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat proclaimed, “It’s a historic day for our region. Recognizing the history of Jerusalem with the Jewish people that goes back 3,000 years should have been done 70 years ago, when Israel was founded, 50 years ago, when the city was reunited, in 1995, when the Congress made a decision. And, here, you have a president which is bold and keeps his promises, and I applaud him.”

Not surprisingly, many Palestinians bemoaned the announcement, set fires to American flags, and their leaders called for “Days of Rage.” Other Palestinians view Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as ineffective possibly because he has refused direct peace negotiations with PM Netanyahu for 8 years. After President Trump’s speech, Mr. Abbas reacted though by saying, “These reprehensible and rejected measures constitute a deliberate undermining of all peace efforts.”

Many world leaders have joined the Palestinian outcry about President Trump’s decision yet one fact remains: the deed to Jerusalem has been enshrined for 3,000 years in the most popular and authoritative book in human history: The Bible.

Join the thousands of Christian leaders in responding to this announcement by thanking President Trump for standing by his campaign promise in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Thank Trump

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