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ACLI Campaigns

As American Christian Leaders for Israel we seek to unite the voices of leaders, who collectively represent tens of millions of Christians, to take a stand on behalf of Israel when needed.  We also keep leaders informed on key issues so they in turn can inform and mobilize their members.

ACLi does not speak on behalf of leaders but enables them to unite with others in support of Israel with far greater impact than any one organization can have on its own.

Recent Campaigns:

April 2024 Letter to President Biden Regarding the Israel-Hamas War

2023 Israel-Hamas War

Christian Leaders Stand With Israel

2021 Letters to US Government

2017 US Embassy to Jerusalem Campaign

2016 Presidential Campaign

2015 Iran Nuclear Treat Campaign

Would you like to stay informed about future campaigns or want to become part of the American Christian Leaders for Israel movement please join us to receive and take part in our future campaigns.

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