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ACLI Leadership Outreach Director – Arlene Bridges Samuels

Dear American Christian Leaders for Israel,

Welcome to our inaugural quarterly newsletter-The ACLI Networker. Since ACLI was formed, you have participated in two significant initiatives: uniting your voices to oppose the Iran deal in 2015 and sending a letter in support of Israel to both presidential candidates in 2016. Although the Iran deal was enacted, you importantly raised the voice of the Church in America against the disastrous agreement which signals grave danger for Israel. And as you know, President Trump agreed to all Five Principles outlined in our letter asking the candidates to support Israel in specific ways.

At this writing, Prime Minister Netanyahu is here in the United States meeting with President Trump. In their joint Press Conference, Mr. Netanyahu stated, “Israel has no greater supporter of the Jewish state than Donald Trump.” While we are grateful for the Trump administration’s warm hand of friendship to Israel, we will maintain focused attention on his Israel-related policies as Israel and the US move forward by indicating frequent future meetings.

When ACLI’s networked hub of national and regional Christian leaders speak in a unified voice, we already know its potency.  It will take those same Christian leaders activating their grassroots to counter the negative press that surrounds this new President’s outreach to Israel.

Speaking out on behalf of Israel in your churches, organizations, and ministries is critical. For this reason, here at ACLI, we are currently focused on educating our network of leaders on the key issues of the day as President Trump implements his Israel policy. I especially want to highlight our important Resources on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem including the ICEJ’s strategy paper.

Throughout 2017 we will closely monitor the proliferation of anti-Semitism at the United Nations, the corrupt Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and Iran’s growing hegemony on three of Israel’s borders. Yet, together we are assured that the Light of the world will penetrate and ultimately subjugate these rising evils.

ACLI’s mission is to unite our voices, representing tens of millions of American Evangelicals, to speak truth to the American public and government in support of Israel and the Jewish people. I deeply appreciate your commitment, your own organizations and churches, and look forward to networking together on behalf of our great friend and ally, Israel.

Grateful for ancient Israel and standing with modern Israel,

Arlene Bridges Samuels
ACLI Leadership Outreach Director

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