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Why Support Israel

Statement of Principles

We the members of this coalition attest to our steadfast commitment to the State of Israel and the Jewish people in the face of demonization, hostile threats, and overt acts of violence perpetrated by its enemies. We commit to doing everything in our power to shed light on these crimes and to spread the truth about Israel in America and beyond.

The members of our coalition stand with Israel for diverse reasons:

Politically – We believe that it is vital for America to maintain a strong friendship with the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, a country that advances our national interests and shares our values of freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and human rights.

Morally – We feel great sorrow about the tragic history of Jewish-Christian relations – a history that has been plagued by anti-Semitism perpetuated by confessing Christians – and seek to establish a new relationship with the Jewish people based on mutual respect. We condemn the demonization of the Jewish people and delegitimization of the Jewish state as nothing more than modern twists on classical anti-Semitism.

Personally – We hold a deep love for the land and people of Israel after having experienced the country firsthand. Many millions of Christians have visited Israel and its holy sites, and felt their Bible come alive in profoundly transformative ways.

Practically – We value Israel’s many contributions to mankind. Whether in medicine, science, technology, or the arts, Israel continues to break new ground and make the world a better place for everyone.

Gratefully – We appreciate Israel’s spirit of humanity and justice toward those who are weak. While ethnic and religious minorities face intense persecution across the Middle East, Israel provides a safe haven for the region’s only thriving Christian community. We are grateful to Israel for protecting our brothers and sisters and providing them an atmosphere of peace and security as full citizens in the Jewish state.

Prayerfully – We rejoice that God in His Providence has restored the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, and pray for God’s protection over them and over all people of goodwill who seek to live in peace alongside them. In obedience to Psalm 122:6, we commit to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and, like the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem in Isaiah 62:6-7, we pray with great fervor and persistence until all of God’s promises to the Jewish people are fulfilled.

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