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Letter to White House

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) is a network of Christian leaders representing over 60 million Americans on mainstream Christian viewpoints on Israel. 

We commit our prayers to you, your family, and your Administration as we are called to do in 1 Timothy 2:1–3.

We write today to first thank you for the support you have expressed for Israel thus far in the wake of the unprecedented attack on the nation and people of Israel by the terrorist militia Hamas. This is the most egregious and savage assault on the Jewish people that has occurred since the Holocaust.

Israel is now facing the grave responsibility of countering this attack, and we would like to have the assurance that your Administration will commit to unwavering support for Israel as they respond.

Also, we ask that you intervene with the United Nations, of which Israel is a member, to ensure their support for Israel in defending itself against these terrorists. It cannot be that the United Nations honors Jews who perished in the Holocaust with vows of “Never Again” while turning its back so quickly on Jews who were just slaughtered in an odious, modern-day pogrom.

Further, many are joining Hamas to deflect blame for its flagrant war crimes onto Israel. One blatant example is the Hamas claim that Israel is endangering the civilian population of Gaza. In truth, Israel is urging them to move to safety while Hamas is forcing them to stay to be used as human shields. Hamas also accuses Israel of deliberately targeting women and children, whereas even official Palestinian sources clearly indicate Israeli forces are meticulously seeking to avoid harm to women and children even as Hamas intentionally shells Israeli towns and cities and its militiamen have just murdered hundreds of women, children, and the elderly at point-blank range.

We trust you will continue to speak and make decisions that reflect absolute moral clarity on Israel’s right to defend itself and even the benefits the downfall of Hamas will bring to the Palestinian people.

We also hope you will exhaust every effort to secure the release and safe return of every hostage seized by Hamas, no matter their nationality.

In addition, colleges and universities throughout the nation, supported in part by government funding, are expressing extremely hostile antisemitic and anti-Israeli sentiments and even attacking Jewish students in the wake of this horrific act of terrorism against Israel. We ask that your Administration intervene to swiftly end this abhorrent behavior through funding sanctions and other means.

Again, we are grateful for your principled support of Israel in the face of its most daunting challenge in a generation. We urge that you continue to stand with our close ally until it can declare victory over this implacable enemy.

Most respectfully,

American Christian Leaders for Israel

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