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Press Release – Move US Embassy

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Murfreesboro, TN – Some 60 Christian leaders signed a letter delivered to President Trump today calling
on the American administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to locate the US
Embassy there.The letter opened, “the time has come, at long last, to uphold American law by moving
the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s eternal indivisible capital city of Jerusalem.”

Referencing the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, the letter noted that Congress had recognized
Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called for the U.S. Embassy to be moved there by May 31, 1999.
Due to presidential waivers every six months delaying the implementation of that law, Israel is the only
country where the U.S. does not place its embassy in the functioning capital of the country. This
“doublespeak” should end, according to these leaders.

The letter was organized by the American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) an informal network of
Christian leaders, managed by the US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem,
representing some 60 million Christians across America. The ACLI letter was signed by Evangelical
leaders representing diverse groups and denominations; among them Dr. Jerry Johnson, President and
CEO, National Religious Broadcasters; Dr. John Hagee, Founder and Chairman, Christians United for
Israel; Star Parker, President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education; Penny Nance, CEO, Concerned
Women for America; Gordon Robertson, CEO, The Christian Broadcasting Network; Dr. James Dobson,
President, Family Talk Radio; Gary Bauer, Washington Director, Christians United for Israel Action Fund;
and Janet Parshall, nationally syndicated talk show host.

Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director, stated her concern the president was being counseled to delay
implementation of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and to make it part of a peace agreement between
the Palestinians and the Israelis.“Considering the 24 years of attempted peace agreements by three
previous presidents, it is not a good idea to continue waiting. Now is the time to honor our friend and
fully recognize Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of Israel.”

The leaders concluded their letter by asking the president to send a message early in his administration
that the United States will honor its strongest and only true democratic ally in the Middle East by
respecting their capital city—Jerusalem—and immediately moving the US Embassy there.

Daryl Hedding, US Deputy Director: (615) 895-9830, daryl.hedding@icejusa.org

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