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President Trump’s Campaign Promises Make History

The unified voices of ACLI leaders significantly influenced President Trump to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to place the U.S. Embassy there, thus implementing The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. An article in the Jerusalem Post entitled “Intense Push by US Evangelicals Helped Set Stage for Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem” mentions ACLI in various places and several leaders in our network.

In addition, many ACLI leaders—too numerous to list—have individually launched their own outstanding, wide-ranging advocacy efforts urging the President to act on his campaign promises to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move our US Embassy from Tel Aviv to its rightful location. We also recognize Vice President Pence’s influence not only in his governmental position but his personal Christian faith. December 6th, 2017 now takes its place in Jerusalem, Israel’s 3,000-year history.

For the last 150 years dramatic events have embellished Jerusalem’s history beginning with the discovery of the original City of David by Charles Warren in 1867 followed by the liberation of Jerusalem by Gen. Edmund Allenby in 1917. The reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty in 1967 prepared the way fifty years later for official United States recognition as the capital on December 6, 2017. How appropriate since this is the Jubilee year for Jerusalem’s reunification.

In his press conference on December 6, 2017 President Trump noted that past presidents thought their delay of The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 would advance peace. He went on to say, “Two decades of waivers have not brought peace closer.“ He also emphasized Israel’s sovereign right to “determine its own capital.” You may view his historic speech here on C-Span’s video clip.

During the presidential campaign and since President Trump’s inauguration, with your help ACLI has launched three significant campaigns. First, in October 2016 we sent both candidates—Clinton and Trump— a letter asking them to sign on to Five Guiding Principles in Support of Israel. Mr. Trump quickly responded. Mrs. Clinton did not sign. The next two campaigns occurred with two lead-up letters from top National Christian leaders as the bi-annual waiver deadlines approached June 1 and December 1, 2017.

We also included an excellent strategy paper developed by David Parsons, Dr. Jürgen Bühler, and Susan Michael of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem outlining a plan to move the US Embassy in a reasoned, organized way. The strategy paper is here: Embassy strategy paper

For your use we also provide a link to The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 where Section 2 is especially useful.

In closing, on December 6, 2017 God graced us to be witnesses of a historic moment in both the United States and Israel just as others witnessed history in 1867, 1917, and 1967.

With deep appreciation for your leadership and for the privilege of working together in these historic days,

Susan M. Michael
US Director, ICEJ

Arlene Bridges Samuels
ACLI Leadership Outreach Director, ICEJ


Thank President Trump for standing by his campaign promise in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Thank Trump


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